What is wool and what properties it has?

Let’s start from what is wool and why it’s so great for cloth diapers.

Wool is a natural fiber that is obtained from the hair of sheep, camels, goats, llamas, alpacas and rabbits.  The most popular fibers come from sheep.

And why wool is great for cloth diapers? Well, wool has great hygroscopic properties. It can absorb up to 50% moinsture of its own weight! In addition, wool has a very high resistance to soaking. Lanolin, which is naturally contained in wool fibers, breaks down urine into salts and water. Then, thanks to its porous scrubbly, the fibers easily drain moisture outside. In addition, wool does not absorb odors and has antibacterial properties. It also has thermoregulatory properties, absorbs UV radiation and is biodegradable. This is the most natural and environmentall friendly fabric for cloth diapers!

Merino wool

Surely you have heard the name "merino wool". But do you know what it is? This is nothing more than wool obtained from merino sheeps raised in New Zealand. It is estimated that merino fleece, due to the changing weather conditions in which they live, provides comfort in extreme temperatures, from -20 to 35 degrees Celsius!

Merino wool is also the thinnest ofall kind of wools. It is delicate and soft.  And that's why we chose it for ourdiaper covers – to provide your little ones with maximum comfort.

If you like woolen products, remember to choose those with mulesing free certification. Ours, of course, are like that. :)