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Little Birds Diapers – Warranty

In Little Birds Diapers  we put a lot effort to offer You best quality products. Nevertheless some sort of mistake may happen.

If You think that the product You bought have some kind of production or textile flaw, please contact us on: office@littlebirdsdiapers.com.

Pictures and description of the flaw will be very helpfull.


reduced gurantee for repair, exchange, or return products during a year from the purchase date. Our guarantee concernes only original buyer. Products bought as ‘used’, repaired or changed (replaced rubbers, snaps or velcro) will be not covered by the guarantee. A proof of purchase (FV, receipt or order numer) is necessary.

We reserve the right to decide if the flaw is an result of production failure or normal exploatation.

Warranty concerns:

  1. a) stitches, overstitching, flexibility of rubbers, snaps (f.e. break, weak snaps), velcro, wholes and any deformation of the fabric, if the flaw was recognized immediately after receiving,

  2. b) irregular stretching/shrinkage of the fabric or any other deformation which does not stem from wrong maintenance.

Warranty does not concerns: stains, bad smell, fading, wholes, loose rubbers or stitches if they stem from:

  1. a) wrong washing and ammonia builds-up

  2. b) accidental damage (f.e. snagged or ripped fabric, molten elements in the washing machine/tumbler)

  3. c) normal use but it appear after 90 days after the purchase – guarantee expires if the products were damaged due to using illicit substances or improper care. In such case customer paids the shippimg cost.

Leaking problem are not consider as a production flaw.

Our products are high quality but they are not forever J But if You love them and take of them properly, they will serve for a long time! Here You can find tips about the proper care of Little Birds products: https://littlebirdsdiapers.com/en/guide/.