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Booster is a small insert which is suppose to boost the absorbency without make more volume of absorbent part.

Lyocell s a farbric that combines the properties of cotton and bamboo viscose - it is characterized by quick absorbing  and distribution of moisture and high absorbency. 

Attributes of boosters:

  • thin - 3 layers of fabric;
  • remain soft and delictae;
  • size: c.a. 10x24cm, shrinking c.a. 10% (it depends on individual conditions)



100% lyocell (wood viscose)



  • wash under 60 degrees and spin under 1200 spm
  • can be thumbled dry on delicate
  • do not iron
  • do not use softeners and bleach.
Size / weight mini OS (4 - 11 kg), OS SLIM (5 - 12 kg), OS (6 - 15 kg)
Absorbency medium
Gatunek 1 grade
  • Używam boosterów lyocell do 'kanapki' w formowance na noc. Zestaw wkładu bambus/bawełna + booster + formo + pulmersy = spokojnie przespana noc :) Booster fajnie chłonie i rozprowadza wilgoć. Wart zakupu.
    Alina K. (2023-03-23)
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