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The BOOSTING SET contains 5 different boosters which helps with boosting the absorbency if needed and distribute the moisture through the whole insert. If You need to boost the absorbency but You don't want to enlarge the volume of the diaper, booster is all You need.

The Boosting Set contains:

- linen booster - 10x20cm, 2-layers - helps distribute the moisture, gives a middle boost

- hemp booster- 10x20cm, 2-layers - helps distribute the moisture, gives a middle boost

- birdseye booster- 11x21cm, 3-layers - helps distribute the moisture, gives a middle boost

- HEAVY YELLOW booster -10x15cm, 2-layers -gives a big boost

- HEAVY ORANGE booster- 10x20cm 3-layers - gives a very big boost.


Our Boosting SET is an great additon to all diapering sets. 



linen: 30% linen, 45% bamboo viscouse, 25% organic cotton

hemp: 20% hemp, 50% bamboo viscose, 30%  organic cotton

birdseye: 100%  organic cotton

HEAVY: 70% bamboo viscouse, 30%  organic cotton



  •  wash under 60 degrees and spin under 1200 spm 
  • do not use softeners and bleach
  • can be thumbeld dry.
Size / weight NB (2,5 - 4,5 kg), S (3 - 7 kg), mini OS (4 - 11 kg), OS SLIM (5 - 12 kg), OS (6 - 15 kg), XL (14 - 20 kg)
Absorbency medium, small
Gatunek 1 grade
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